The Curries

The Curries
Keith and Patricia

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

COMMUNICATION: Special Events (Holidays)

Our society has commercialized and consequently trivialized our holidays. Thanksgiving has become “turkey day” and “Merry Christmas” has become “Happy Holidays.”

How do we overcome this in our own homes?

We begin by asking, “What is the purpose of holidays?” A holi-day is a holy day. Holy means “set apart;” that simply means that it is a “set apart” day, especially set apart for God.

In our country, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are true “holy days.” Other holidays like the Fourth of July can also fit the description when we observe the history of the founders of our country.

We moan and groan because our society seems to be moving quickly away from the real meaning of these holidays and remaking them in its own image. More disturbing: Christian families are not taking the time to explore these holidays and chart a different course. To chart a different course is not difficult, but it will take a little preparation. Visit the library and check out a children’s book on a particular holiday. Get on line and visit some family websites. I know that the Lord will help you discover resources that will help your family.

Our Old Testament reasons for holidays are briefly outlined in Deut. 16: 1-3. Contained in this passage about Passover are three reasons to observe the holiday. They are

1) to remember,

2) to honor the Lord,

and 3) to rejoice.

The Biblical mandate gives us this reason to have feast days and holidays. First of all, let us remember the real purpose behind each holiday. Secondly, let’s give God the honor that he is due in our lives and history. Thirdly, rejoice in the blessings of God. In other words, have a good time. It is like God is the host of the party, moving among the guests, saying, “Enjoy, enjoy! Eat up. Refresh!”

Three reasons for the holiday from the passover feast: rejoice, honor the Lord, and remember your history.

Are we going to tell our children that it really isn’t “turkey day” but it is Thanksgiving Day. Are we going to tell them that this day in the history of America is a day set aside to give thanks to Jesus Christ? If we don’t tell them, who will?

This year, let’s make the holidays count. Let’s remember, let’s honor the Lord, and let’s rejoice!