The Curries

The Curries
Keith and Patricia

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Danny was only two, but he was learning to obey. Obedience does not come easily for some two-year-olds. But this time he succeeded and the whole family was there. Keith swept him into his arms and began marching around the living room, singing, “Let’s have a parade, for Danny obeyed.” Soon everyone was in on it. And Dan got a good taste of the joy of obedience.

Deuteronomy 28

Creation principles are principles that God has built into life.

The thoughts in Deuteronomy 28 reflect one of the basic principles:

Obedience brings blessings.

Disobedience brings trouble.

When we help our children to understand this concept, we are preparing them for life. All choices have consequences. Some are great! Some are okay. Some bring trouble.

This principle also becomes our guide as we teach, train, and discipline. Making the right choices will bring blessing. When children are young, they will make right choices [doing what you say] because they want the blessing of your approval. Ultimately, we want to move them to the place that they will be making right choices out of their love for God.

How do we teach obedience?

Isaiah 28:9 “…For it is: Do and do, do and do; rule on rule, rule on rule; a little here, a little there.”

First of all, it is an over and over again process. It is a process requiring patience and practice. In non-crisis times, children need to know what pleases the Father [obedience—demonstrated by the life of Jesus]. Most children want to please. Learning obedience to parents will ultimately lead to obedience to the Lord.

In God’s mercy, He teaches us the truth of obedience that we may choose life.

Psalm 25:8 “Good and upright is the Lord; therefore, He instructs sinners (us) in the way.”

Understanding the Lord’s kindness to us helps us to instruct in gentleness…we are aware of our own weaknesses.

What are some blessings that fit into the “flow of life”?

· Reward their obedience with lots of joy and affection. Father is pleased when we do what is right? Have you ever felt his pleasure?

· Reward your children by spending time with them.

· Reward them with positive, encouraging, affirming words.

· Reward them with gifts.

· Do some special things for them.

This week take some time to write down some specific things you can do to bless your children in each of the above areas. Fifteen minutes will make a huge difference and help fill your toolbox with some motivational helps.